W E A L T H  A D V I S O R S            

   Life Integrated Wealth Management

Wealth Management 
Investing in suitable strategies  

The Convergence Point  Wealth Management process begins by identifying your family’s needs, goals and objectives. Working with you, we

  1. Get to know you: Who you are? Where you’re going?  Who/what matters most to you?
  2. Seek solutions to your problems: Do you have estate issues? Have you experienced underperformance or investment misalignment in the past,?
  3. Create asset allocations and investment solutions: How might we tailor an allocation that fits your vision and values?  Your risk profile, time horizons and income needs?
  4. Select investments:  What professional portfolio management programs and investment alternatives fit best for YOU? 
  5. Track and evaluate performance
  6. Revisit portfolios: How can we stay in tune with your changing circumstances?  How can we make change in light of changes in the current of assumed future economic environment?

To set up an appointment and/or to discuss your wealth management needs, e-mail Jeff.Caliguire@CPWAdvisors.com  or call 224-232-7126.

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