W E A L T H  A D V I S O R S            

   Life Integrated Wealth Management

Financial Life Planning
Integrating your money, your dreams, your values

At its best the Financial Planning process asks, "How can we financially achieve and live out the best version of our own lives?"  "How do we create a way for our family to thrive?"  "How can we leave a legacy that outlast us?" 

How can your money serve you... not you serve your money?

Convergence Point Financial works with you to

1. Assess your current assets, how much you need in the future
2. Discover ways to  bridge gaps 
3. Help you allocate your resources to what's most important TO YOU.

This includes your:

  • Future spending needs
  • Charitable and  Philanthropic visions and aspirations
  • Family needs and obligations.
  • Risk management profile
  • Insurance needs and evaluation.   
  • Planned ways to make other income based on your skills, interests, etc...

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