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   Life Integrated Wealth Management

About Us

Convergence Point Wealth Advisors exists to make the world a better place,  We do that by changing the world one dream at at a time as we help people manage their money on purpose.   We don't believe "We didn't have the money to do it," should permanently stand in the way of some of the most important desires and purposeful dreams in life.  We exist to solve that problem and release great potential in individuals, families and businesses.   

How do we do what we do?  We work with clients to gain clarity on those purposeful dreams and desires, then create intentional convergence between their money and what's they've envisioned as most meaningful to them. We work to help create financial strategies to move towards a positive future marked by confidence and clarity. In doing so, we serve a select group of clients desiring such care, insight and opportunities with regards to their financial plan, their risk and wealth management issues.  We also help them strategically protect the downside of portfolios, find creative ways to lower their volatility and connect them to the other people and groups with expertise to help make their lives and companies better!   

PURPOSE:   why we exist: 

                       Changing the world one dream at a time.

MISSION    what we do 

Helping you manage your money on purpose by: 

                                       1. INTEGRATING your money,your dreams and values 
                                       2. INVESTING in suitable strategies 
                                       3. INSURING against unseen risks 

    what we see in the future   

The world is changed one dream at a time as clients become the best version of themselves and fulfill their dreams.  Our clients are equipped to utilize their money to achieve their purposeful dreams, goals and desires.  Our clients say of us,
"Convergence Point Wealth Advisors truly cared about me and worked with me to turn my dreams in to reality.  By managing my money on purpose I not only found great peace of mind, but was able to accomplish the things that mattered most to me."

     the way we do it 

INTEGRITY: We do what's right even if it costs us. We go out of our way to make complex financial information understandable  as we communicate clearly and accurately to our clients. 

INTEGRATION: We help clients intentionally gain clarity on their values. visions, challenges and needs, then help them align those with plans, investments, financial tools and other professionals who can best help them.

INSIGHT: We evaluate investments, financial solutions and options and help clients understand what fits them best.

INSPIRATION: We envision and encourage our clients to live their best lives and see their money as an important means to that end. 

KEY BELIEFS    how the status quo can change

We believe our clients (really everyone!) prosper when they:  

1.  STAY OUT of needless debt

2.  SAVE for what matters most

3.  SURROUND themselves with caring financial experts committed to their well-being

4.  SOLVE future problems now

5. SUPPORT things that matter to them

Jeff Caliguire:
BA, ThM. Registered Investment Advisor, Series 7, 63, 65, Life Insurance Health Insurance

Prior to coming to Convergence Point Wealth Advisors, Jeff served as Vice President of Charter Financial Services and Smith Barney in Chicago where he worked with individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations seeking to purposefully unite their passion, mission, and vision with a comprehensive financial strategy. Jeff helps individuals, families and foundations create a blueprint for their future funding that begins with clearly defining and understanding their unique vision and goals, “aligning their wealth with their life.”  

For more than a decade, Jeff worked in the nonprofit world. He founded Operation Beacon Street Inc. and served as its president, as well as serving as senior pastor of Beacon Community Church in the Boston area. Jeff also co-founded the Boston Sports Fellowship and co hosted Leadership Refineries team for business leaders with author Ralph Mattson and also co-founded Convergence Point ("unlocking purpose....unleashing potential") with Ron Bryant.  Jeff’s books include, Shifting Into Higher Gear: An Owners Manual for Uniting Your Calling and Career, (Jossey-Bass, 2005) Leadership Secrets of Saint Paul (Honor Books, 2003) and Write for Your Soul: The Whys and How’s of Journaling (Soul Care Communications, 2000), which he co wrote with his wife, Mindy. Jeff facilitates forums and speaks to entrepreneurs and others wanting to get into higher gear in their career, their finances, or their overall life purpose.


Jeff is a graduate of Cornell University with a major in government and also holds a master’s of theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. In finance he holds licenses in series 7, 63, 65 and insurance in health, casualty and life.  Prior to coming to Charter Financial Services in 2006, Jeff worked as a wealth manager with Smith Barney/Citigroup in Chicago as part of the MJM Wealth Management Team.  While there, he also received the designation of Financial Planning Associate. In 2007 and 2008, Jeff received Sorrento Pacific Financial President’s award as recognition of top business growth.  


Jeff and his wife Mindy make their home in Louisville, Colorado and have grown three sons, Jeffrey, Jonathan, and Joshua (the J-Team).  His past times include hiking, skiing, working with kids, leading retreats, playing with his two dogs and serving on the boards of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Young Life. 

Brokerage, Investment Advisory and Insurance Products and Services offered through Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC. (Member FINRA/SIPC) and a Registered Investment Advisor. Not FDIC insured/No guarantee/May lose value. For specific tax advice, please consult a qualified advisor or tax professional.