W E A L T H  A D V I S O R S            

   Life Integrated Wealth Management

"Manage Your Money on Purpose"

You weren't born to serve money.  However, your money should serve you.  Your money exists to empower you to live your dream, fund your future priorities and align with your most important values.... what we call "Managing Money on Purpose."

The difference between us and most traditional or transactional financial services involves our relational and holistic approach:  We begin with you and your life vision, 
then help you clearly align your money and other financial resources to turn the dream into reality.  We work hard to help you get there, then stay focused to continue in that direction.    

  The two important outcomes we seek for our clients when it comes to their financial issues:
 1. Clarity: You know where you're going and how you will get there.  
  2. Confidence: You feel great about decisions you've made in light of economic and personal realities.   

And when you have clarity and confidence, you also enjoy peace of mind when it comes to financial issues.  Whether you're  managing a fortune worth multiple millions or a "fortune" to pay for a college education, your plan and purposeful wealth management should serve you and your dream.  We understand that! 

With this in mind, we encourage our clients to begin with what we call Financial Life Planning

Then when ready, we offer a select array of financial products and opportunities to support your plan.

  •     401k Rollovers (when you leave a company/retire)
  •     Separately Managed Accounts
  •     Principal Protection Strategies and ETF's 
  •     Corporate Retirement Plans
  •     Online Access to Accounts
  •     IRA’s
  •     Annuities
  •     Conservative Investment Strategies
  •     Check a Month for Current Income
  •     Tax Sensitive Accounts

We can also guide you to our own trusted advisors (who do not work for us or Sorrento Pacific Financial directly) who can help you with selling companies, lending, tax planning issues, estate planning, and both simple and complex insurance issues.  

Brokerage, Investment Advisory and Insurance Products and Services offered through Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC. (Member FINRA/SIPC) and a Registered Investment Advisor. Not FDIC insured/No guarantee/May lose value. For specific tax advice, please consult a qualified advisor or tax professional.  Convergence Point Wealth Advisors is a separate business entity from Convergence Point Inc.